Alternative, nature-based solutions for sustainability challenges (including perspectives from indigenous people)

In the midst of pressing sustainability challenges faced by LMICs, the role of alternative, nature-based solutions is gaining increasing recognition. This thematic stream aims to explore innovative approaches that integrate nature’s wisdom and indigenous knowledge to address the interlinked issues of biodiversity conservation and sustainable development.

Nature-based solutions offer a promising avenue to tackle complex sustainability challenges while fostering resilience and harmony between ecosystems and human communities. From reforestation and habitat restoration to sustainable agriculture practices and green infrastructure development, these solutions emphasize the power of nature in providing cost-effective, sustainable alternatives to conventional approaches.

This thematic stream places particular emphasis on incorporating the perspectives of indigenous people. Indigenous communities possess deep-rooted knowledge systems and traditional practices that have enabled them to live in harmony with nature for centuries. Their wisdom provides invaluable insights into sustainable resource management, biodiversity conservation, and ecosystem restoration. By exploring and integrating indigenous perspectives, this stream aims to foster inclusive and culturally sensitive approaches to sustainability, ensuring that the voices of indigenous people are heard and respected.