From ecosystem valuation (methodological approaches) and political commitments to implementation of the new GBF

This thematic stream seeks to address the urgent need to bridge the divide between theoretical frameworks and practical action to safeguard biodiversity and promote sustainable development in LMICs.

Ecosystem valuation provides a vital tool for understanding the multifaceted contributions of biodiversity to human well-being and enabling informed decision-making. This stream will explore diverse methodological approaches for valuing ecosystems and their services, ranging from economic valuation techniques to cultural, social, and ecological perspectives. By examining the strengths and limitations of these methodologies, participants will gain a comprehensive understanding of how ecosystem valuation can inform policy and drive action for conservation and sustainable development.

Building upon the theoretical foundation of ecosystem valuation, this thematic stream will also focus on the political commitments made by governments and international bodies to halt biodiversity loss. The recent adoption of the new Global Biodiversity Framework (GBF) provides a framework for transformative change and sets ambitious targets to protect and restore ecosystems. However, the successful implementation of these commitments requires the active engagement of diverse stakeholders, including policymakers, scientists, civil society organizations, and local communities.