Keynote | Bridging Science and Policy: Unlocking the Transformative Potential of Biodiversity Research

Session Description: This keynote presentation explores the critical nexus between science and policy within the framework of biodiversity and sustainable development. It will examine the importance of robust scientific research as a foundation for inclusive evidence-based decision-making in biodiversity and sustainable development. Drawing on examples from IPBES assessments, the presentation will showcase how scientific knowledge can be effectively translated into actionable policies that address the complex challenges in this field.

The keynote will also emphasize the linkages between social, economic, and environmental factors, emphasizing the need for contextually appropriate, inclusive, and equitable policies.

Additionally, it will delve into the significance of multidisciplinary approaches that integrate natural and social sciences to foster stronger collaborations between stakeholders, such as researchers, policymakers, and practitioners, to co-create solutions. Finally, the keynote will underscore the importance of capacity building for Southern researchers to enhance their contributions to biodiversity science and policy-making processes, ensuring diverse perspectives and local contexts are adequately considered.