Parallel session | Panel 1.4 | AFD-GDN Biodiversity and Development Awards

Session Organizer: GDN

Session Description: The discussion revolves around envisioning how Biodiversity Mainstreaming unfolds within the context of each project, exploring the integration of diverse disciplines and perspectives encountered during research, and looking into the process of engaging key stakeholders.

Additionally, the panel examines how different elements of the program’s setup contributed to research outcomes, including the inception phase and the mentoring scheme. The panelists will share their experiences, challenges, and successes in effectively fostering multidisciplinary and often cross-country collaboration, engaging stakeholders, and the positive implications of enhancing the development of research projects from their very inception.

The panel aims to extract practical lessons, from the perspective of Southern researchers, for international funders interested in supporting the contribution of research-based knowledge to Biodiversity Mainstreaming.