Plenary D | Scaling up Biodiversity Mainstreaming and Ecosystem Valuation: persistent challenges and the role of inter-disciplinary research, indigenous knowledge and capacity building

Session Description: Biodiversity mainstreaming aims to integrate biodiversity considerations into various sectors and decision-making processes. However, it faces persistent challenges such as limited awareness, coordination, conflicting priorities, and inadequate resources. Overcoming these challenges is crucial to ensure the sustained conservation and utilization of biodiversity. Interdisciplinary research, indigenous knowledge, and capacity building play key roles in tackling these challenges. Through interdisciplinary research and the incorporation of indigenous knowledge, context-specific solutions can be developed, fostering cross-sectoral collaboration and integrating local and scientific knowledge. Capacity building empowers stakeholders to effectively mainstream biodiversity, contributing to effective decision-making and policy implementation. Together, these approaches can advance the conservation of biodiversity and the sustainable management of ecosystems.