Pablo Gonzalez Moctezuma

Pablo Gonzalez Moctezuma

Mexico, “Tradeoffs between addressing biodiversity loss, poverty and forest cover loss arise in large scale restoration initiative with agroforestry systems. Insights from 450 thousand farms in Mexico”

As a PhD candidate at University of British Columbia in the Landscapes and Livelihoods lab of J. Rhemtulla, I explore the ways in which landscapes managed mostly by smallholder farmers change and evolve. I am exploring methods for: quantifying the population and spatial distribution of smallholder farmers in Mexico, monitoring large scale restoration initiatives and remote sensing techniques for understanding the relationship between small farms and changes in land use and landscape configuration. I hold a Masters in Rural Development Management from the Universidad Autonoma Chapingo with a specialization in Family Agriculture and Food Security and BS. in Mathematics from UNAM. My first research projects were related to the Mayan Milpa system in the Yucatan region. Founder and director of Proyecto Kool Ja. Collaborated with El Hombre Sobre la Tierra (HST) and the Regional Bioslurry and Biogas Programme (RBBP) in the Yucatan developing small-scale biodigesters for fertilizer and biogas.

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Day 2, Wednesday November 1, 2023
2:00 pm - 3:30 pm

Parallel Session | Panel 3.2 | Call for Papers 4 – Biodiversity loss, poverty and global inequality – links and trade-offs

Black-headed Spider Monkey / Teatro Casa Blanca

Session Description: At this session, a set of shortlisted papers from the Call for Papers will be presented. More details will be added