Plenary C | Financing biodiversity conservation and nature-based solutions for sustainability challenges

Session Description: Adequate and sustainable financing, including gender-responsive policies, plays a pivotal role in ensuring the protection of biodiversity, the preservation of ecosystems, and the promotion of sustainable development. This topic explores various financing mechanisms, policy frameworks, and public-private partnerships that can mobilize resources and enable effective financial support for biodiversity conservation and the implementation of nature-based solutions.

Additionally, it recognizes the importance of addressing the gender gap in decision-making related to nature and the environment, particularly its micro-level economic effects on women. By integrating a gender-responsive approach into financing strategies, this stream aims to promote women’s economic empowerment and enhance their participation in domestic and international spaces linked to nature and the environment. This requires collective action and collaboration among different stakeholders, including the promotion of specialized financial instruments, the use of effective valuation methods for ecosystem services, the improvement of access to funding for diverse projects, the management of investment risks, and the strengthening of the capacity and knowledge of investors and financial institutions.